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Welcome to Fleming Day School

Established in 2002, Fleming Day School is a privately-owned and operated home school and tutorial facility located in Lithonia, Georgia.
We provide services for students in grades 2-12, and offer full-day and half-day instruction, single course enrollment, private tutoring,
coaching for the K-12 online academy; and ITBS standardized testing. Contact us…

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    The mission of the Fleming Day School is to educate, expose, and entreat the minds of young people so, that they will acquire skills needed to compete in a progressive, competitive world. It is also a goal to develop a solid foundation in each of our students so, that they may be successful and make a difference within themselves, family, and ultimately the community.

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    Fleming Day School (FDS) educators come with diverse educational backgrounds and experiences ranging from science to mathematics to artistic design! With over 40 years of cumulative experience, FDS teachers are certified and/or trained educators ranging from Bachelor’s degrees to PhDs!

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    Fleming Day School offers a variety of educational opportunities designed to enrich and cultivate each student's experience. Some of these opportunities include:

    • Dramatic/theatrical performances
    • Community outreach/volunteerism
    • Choral ensembles
    • Academic excursions
    • After-school enrichment clubs
    • Music lessons
    • Karate
    • Archery
    • Computer graphics
    • Fashion design

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    • Teacher/student ratio, 1:6
    • Individualized education plans
    • Multi-sensory approach to learning
    • Hands on application
    • Computer access
    • Field trips
    • Character and spiritual development
    • Peaceful learning environment
    • Community involvement

Why Fleming Day School?

Dear Parents,

Sometimes as we move through this journey called "Life", we must exit off the main road (the road that masses walk), and travel down a quieter path. This is a path where one gets strengthened, renewed, and equipped for the next leg of the journey. Some will stay on this path longer than others depending on their individual goals. Regardless of the length of time on this path, the individual will leave with an abundance of confidence, clarity of purpose, and a solid foundation for future endeavors. The Fleming Day School is one of those quiet places where a child can develop his intellect and spirit, a place where he or she will be refined and empowered to discover and develop their gifts.

If you know that your child needs a more peaceful learning environment, a place where his or her individual needs and gifts will be addressed, then I invite you to enroll in the Fleming Day School, where the world of learning becomes both fun and challenging!


Brenda Fleming - Principal

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Fleming Day School Application


Please download and fill out the application above and bring it with you to Fleming Day School or you can submit it to


Brenda Fleming - Principal


1. How much does it cost to attend the Fleming Day School?
A student's education is an investment, therefore there is a set tuition to attend the Fleming Day School. Tuition and other financial obligations will be discussed during your admissions interview. During your interview, you may also inquire about scholarships offered at the Fleming Day School.

2. Does Fleming Day School require standardized testing?
Standardized testing is required every 1-3 years for students attending school in the state of Georgia. Additional standardized testing is available upon request.

3. What academic calendar does the Fleming Day School follow?
Fleming Day School utilizes a 10 month calendar (August-May). Academic calendars are distributed to students and parents at the beginning of each academic year outlining holidays, field trips, community outreach days, school programs, and report cards.

4. What is the attendance policy at the Fleming Day School?
Attendance is mandatory at the Fleming Day School. Students are expected to attend school Monday-Thursday (8am to 2pm) and Friday (8am to 12pm). It is a mandatory requirement to report attendance to each student's residing County Board of Education.

5. What curriculum does Fleming Day School follow?
Fleming Day School makes an effort to develop individualized education plans for each students. With that in mind, Fleming Day School utilizes the following curricula: A Beka, Bob Jones, Glencoe, and Houghton Mifflin.

6. Does the Fleming Day School have a uniform policy?
Yes, the Fleming Day School does have a uniform policy that will be discussed in detail during your admissions interview. Parents will have the opportunity to purchase school polo shirts which include the school's logo on it.

7. What kind of students do you accept at the Fleming Day School?
Fleming Day Schools accepts all students regardless of race, origin, nationality, color, religion, gender, or creed. Fleming Day School accepts exceptional students on an individual basis. Fleming Day School educators will work closely with exceptional students to ensure they are receiving the most optimal educational experience!

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Fleming Day School at (678)-429-0312.


Brenda Fleming, Principal

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